On the right are examples of my previous works that I believe are more suited to documentary. The sound is still cinematic, but with less of the bravado and more of the ambience - a certain 'honesty'.




BTBD Media, recruitment video 'Abington Township Fire Department': 04:09 minutes - 23/09/2016

BTBD Media, recruitment video ‘Answer the Call: Lower Merion’: 05:25 minutes 23/09/2016

BTBD Media, recruitment video ‘Flourtown Recruitment Video’: 2:28 minutes 22/12/2015

Work experience at Shockerwick Recording Studios, Bath: 01/07/2012-08/07/2012



American International School of Lusaka, promotion: ‘Africa’ 6:00 minutes – 21/08/2017

Flintbox Films, LLC, video promotion: ‘If I Should Return’ 4:40 minutes – 11/07/2017

City of Saints, short film: ‘The First Few Waves’ 0:30 minutes – 02/05/2017

Victor Chu Photography, LLC, film festival entry: ‘Out of the Blue’ – 4:00 minutes – 29/11/2016

Green Wellness Warriors, online promotion: ‘Out of the Blue’, ‘Wings’ – 8:00 minutes – 19/11/2016

Christ in the Arts Dance School, spring 2017 performance: ‘Wings’ – 5:00 minutes – 17/11/2016

BTBD Media, LLC, recruitment video: ‘The Enemy’ 2:10 minutes – 18/12/2015